Starlite Technologies is a source and provider of  proven fire/heat barrier solutions. We are working to make available Starlite, a miracle fire barrier which has been stolen by corporate hacks, suppressed and denied to firefighters and those who need it. We are working to bust through the significant obstacles which have kept Starlite out of the news for 20 years.

In 1996, Chris read about the Trauma Intervention Program, a group of volunteers who can be called on by the police  and firefighters after a sudden death, to provide counseling and assistance to witnesses, friends and family of the victims.  


He was intrigued by the idea of "emotional first aid", and contacted the founder (Wayne Fortin) to find out about bringing the program to Los Angeles. Soon after he got assistance from his friend Bonnie Brody, who worked for Los Angeles City Councilman Richard Allatorre, and within a year Wayne was setting up a program for the city. Chris attended the first training and participated for a short time.


The program evolved into a city run entity and was renamed "The Crisis Response Team". Again Chris participated and went on a number of calls where a person had died and he encountered family of victims and provided support and a shoulder to lean on. This experiene led to his learning about the impact of extreme stress on individuals.

Through extensive research he did soon after at UCLA into stress and health, he has been able to identify the pathways between life stress and a multitude of illnesses and conditions which are plaguing mankind:  heart disease, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's, depression, suicide, addictions, and obesity.




In 1998, Chris Read about Starlite in a BusinessWeek Magazine article, and fascinated by the potential, he found contact information for the inventor on the internet and called him. Maurice invited Chris to England, so he flew there and spent a week visiting. Maurice took Chris to see his horses, and they talked about his dreams about getting Starlite used to prevent burn injuries and deaths in fires. Believing fully in the reality of Starlite, Chris never pushed Maurice to demonstrate it or provide him with samples. 

Maurice appreciated Chris' low-key approach, and after he returned to the United States, they began talking regularly to collaborate on the development of Starlite.

Maurice kept his work with Boeing and NASA secret, but in 2000 he and his daughter Carrie travelled to America to work with them, and they stayed at Chris' home in Southern California. Chris drove Maurice to the Boeing facility in Huntington Beach several times.

After the Boeing/NASA deal fell apart, Chris continued to communicate with Maurice to help  find the right opportunity in America for Starlite. But the fact that the remarkable invention had not been in the news for ten years became a big impediment. Prospects seemed to assume that there must be a problem if such an amazing product had not been successful yet. They were limited by their own cynicism, and they never communicated about it, nor investigated on their own with an open mind--this was their loss.

For Chris this was an important lesson about the flaws in human nature, and people's inability to communicate what was on their mind, and see clearly the true facts of an opportunity.

But overall this was a frustrating time, because people were dying in fires and the Starlite solution was being ignored.

In 2000, Chris began working with his father, Cleaves Bennett, M.D., a professr of medicine at UCLA for 35 years, and the founding medical director of the Pritikin Longevity Center.

He was also one of the founders of Healthcare Partners Medical Group, one of the largest private doctor owned organizations in America. After Dr. Bennett's own doctors prescribed him drugs for atrial fibrillation, but the problem worsened over the next year, Chris reviewed reseach at UCLA's medical library and found out the condition was caused by stress. His doctors had not told him this, so he was continuing to work 70 hours per week, treating critical care seniors at seven nursing facilities.

After showing his Dad a 3-inch stack of studies, he retired and cashed out of his practice, taking the several million received and founding a non-profit, "No More Medicines". Their mission statement became "prevention, not pills".

Chris continued to work on Starlite, but he also discovered and read his father's book, "In 12 Weeks You Can Control Your High Blood Pressure Without Drugs!" It was endorsed by Norman Cousins and professors at UCLA, Harvard, University of Texas, Stanford, the University of Rochester, Albert Einstein University, and the University of Maryland. Dr. Bennett and Chris began to update the book for republication.

Chris spent months at UCLA's medical library, reading and copying hundreds of studies about stress and health. He was amazed that many innovative ideas were locked away in the library, but not getting discussed publicly. He became determined that the public should become informed about the real  causes of the illnesses they were afflicted with.

In 2006, Chris came up with two innovative television show ideas, The Mission and The Health Project.  The Mission  would be a team which would deliver effective and generous solutions to communities in crisis. In The Health Project , 100 people would live in a deluxe hotel for a month to exercise, eat right, and reduce stress, in a healthy living program like the Pritikin Longevity Center.

These projects are still in development, you can learn more at:

www.TheMission.TV and www.TheHealthProject.TV

2003--After the Space Shuttle Columbia blew up over Texas when the heat shield failed, Chris and Maurice contacted Boeing and NASA because the Shuttle fleet was grounded, about the possibility that Starlite could help. Allan Atkins at Boeing first agreed to help, but then be falsely accused Maurice of being a problem and the reason Starlite had not been used (contradicting his own statements in 5 pages of emails). After that, NASA refused to pay for our services--we were at a loss as to why.

In the years that followed, Chris and Maurice communicated weekly, and Chris tried to develop an opportunity to turn Starlite into a profitable venture.

After Maurice died, his family shared the formula for Starlite with Chris. He soon discovered that Boeing had patented the same formula in 2005. This revealed the reason that they had been getting the runaround for so long.

After getting shut out by NASA and Boeing in 2003, and after Maurice died in 2011, Chris contacted hundreds of Senators and Congresspeople about Boeing/NASA/FAA malfeasance and reckless endangerment of the public. He has spoken to dozens of their staff, but none of them have returned his calls, faxes, and emails.

Apparently some of them feel that they are above the law. We often wonder why things are so screwed up in Washington--the evidence seems to show that most of our leaders are criminals, in league with criminals, and protecting criminal activity by their campaign contributors and friends.

Subseqently Chris has contacted dozens of news organizations and attorneys, seeking to have the story of Starlite told and the public informed. News organizations have blatetly and overtly refused to investigate and report on Starlite, and they seem to be part of a vast conspiracy to keep the public in the dark.

Attorneys have only given Chris a few minutes to tell the story, then they refuse to help. The fact that the news people are refusing to report makes it impossible to find an attorney, because if they heard the entire story in the news, they might call on their own.

Starlite is one of the most important inventions of all time, which the public has never heard of, because news organizations refuse to investigate and report on it. He realizes that he is one man going against the largest criminal conspiracy in American history. But he is not afraid and he will not give up.

At this time Chris continues to work on Starlite, The Health Project reality TV show, and The Mission, and he has accumulated a dozen interested and highly motivated partners.

Dr. Cleaves Bennett is in Southern California working on opening healthy living programs. He is especially eager to help 70 million seniors in Medicare so they live long and healthy lives.

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